Online Master’s Degree in Nursing

Online Master's Degree in Nursing

If you plan to go into nursing and have already started your college education, you might stop at your bachelor's degree and nursing license. However other people want to go on to get their master's in nursing. This is an optional higher degree that isn't required but has its own benefits. With a master's degree you will have more job opportunities and often be put ahead of other applicants due to your additional education and dedication to your education and career. If you want to start working while going to school for your master's, you can get the degree online either fully or partly to allow for more flexible scheduling.

Get Your Bachelor's Degree

The first step of course is to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing or a related field. While there are some degree programs that combine the bachelor and Master of Science into one extended program, it isn't recommended and it is pretty rare to find. The best way is to finish your undergraduate program first before applying for a master degree program online for nursing.

Become a Registered Nurse

Yu will also need to be a registered nurse with proper licensing in order to be accepted into a master's degree program for nursing. You can do this by taking the Registered Nurse (RN) exam and getting your RN license. This shows your high level of education and expertise and that you have the prerequisites for being successful in the master's degree program.

Take the Graduate Requisite Exam

Most online master's degree programs will also require you to take the Graduate Requisite Exam (GRE). This tests your general knowledge for graduate degree programs and is not designed specifically for nursing. Anyone applying for a higher level degree program will need to take and pass the GRE. You should contact the online school where you want to get your master's in nursing to find out more about the exam and what score you need to pass.

Get Work Experience

Not all online master's degree programs require work experience but it is highly recommended for a Master of Science in nursing. The work experience gives you more credibility when applying for the degree program and will help you get through the program with ease. Going straight from undergraduate to graduate school can be difficult when you haven't started working in the field. You can work as an RN while you attend school for your master's degree since you have your nursing license.

Choose a School

Finally it's time to choose an online school. You can either choose a local or distant college that offers this level of nursing degree or go to a correspondence school with specialty Master of Science degrees in nursing, where everything is done online. Be sure whichever graduate school you choose has accredited courses.

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