Degrees for Self Employment

Obtaining a degree is something that many people look forward to or dream about. Of the hundreds of degrees available there are a select few that may seem out of the ordinary. These degrees, in the past, have been difficult to find information about and in some cases have only seen registered degree options in the past decade. One of these degrees is Parapsychology. If you are interested in paranormal sciences and you have trouble finding information on degree options, here are a few options that may make your choice easier.

Metaphysical Schools

Several metaphysical schools online offer paranormal science degrees. These degrees may not be accredited through DETC or through traditional accrediting organizations. What is key to remember regarding these degree schools and programs is the accreditation or association with paranormal organizations. This is key in this type of degree plan. If the metaphysical school has an association with a known paranormal organization or society, then consider what the school has to offer. Degrees are available in the form of certifications, undergraduate and graduate degree studies.

Flamel College

Flamel College is a well known educational institution in the field of parapsychology education. Parapsychology and paranormal studies offer online courses through correspondence and distance learning paths. The degree programs are offered on a class by class basis and cost between $45 and $65. These certifications range in subject matter including a certification as an EVP technician. EVP technicians are invaluable to paranormal organizations and groups who are active in research and research locations.

Online University and Career Programs

If finding a college online that offers full degree programs is proving difficult or if finances are an issue, there are several career program institutions that offer paranormal degrees. These degrees are in the form of undergraduate degrees or certifications and lead many individuals to determine if parapsychology is in fact the best form of education for them. This also lets an individual decide if parapsychology is a career choice or something they would rather turn to as a hobby.

Considerations of Parapsychology Degrees

There are a few topics to consider regarding a parapsychology degree. The first that internships are valuable. If you have a local paranormal group, then consider attending some research nights with them. Try to attend local meetings. Get your name out there before you obtain your degree. This will lead to the value of your addition to a team and will lead to a career with a favorable outcome.

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