SDSU Military Master’s Degree

South Dakota State University is now starting to offer a master's degree that is going to be aimed at helping veterans, military personnel, and their families. The school officials are saying that the master's degree in human sciences will be dealing with family and community services while still being aimed at some of the needs and issues that are relevant to individuals in the military. The online degree is going to be offered as part of a group of 11 other universities which will be providing similar content. This group of universities will be providing a large amount of educational and professional options to military which were not previously available within the region, also opening the doors towards many upcoming opportunities for employment within the area.

The degree couldn't have been announced or provided at a better time for many people who are in the military. Those who are completing the master's degree will be able to work at Army community services, extension offices, child development centers, family advocacy programs, nonprofit agencies, and emergency shelters. This would provide a large range of employment opportunities which were previously not available due to some of the issues that many have seen with unemployment and the economy. Military who have been seeking employment opportunities would have a good chance of finding an ideal job after they had finished the program, which is unique for most master's degrees that are currently available.

Many individuals in the military and those who are veterans have expressed that they have had a hard time trying to find employment recently based on the skills that they have been provided from their previous educational experience – so having this type of master's degree program would make it much easier for them to have success when they are applying for potential work. This is essential, because there are still many military personnel who are having issues with providing for their families and are struggling to make ends meet based on the current issues that are occurring within the economy throughout the country. The master's degree program would open more choices for them. Though skill sets can be worked on outside of the military training that is normally given, many active duty military do not have the time to work on a skill set due to restrictive work hours and conditions already in place.

The program would feature a variety of classes which would help to teach individuals many key skills that they would be able to utilize within the employment option of their choice. These classes would include options such as how to handle stress, understanding trauma, child and adult development, grant writing, parenting, and a few other core courses. When put together, all of these courses help to provide a focus that would allow military personnel to be able to better understand community and family issues. Although the school lists some of the most likely prospective areas of employment, there are many other ways that individuals graduating from this program would be able to use these skills professionally and personally on a regular basis.

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