5 Things that Won’t Affect Students During the Government Shutdown

With all the doom and gloom the media has been propagating about the government shutdown, there are a few effects that college and university students won't feel

Foreign students can keep studying.

Despite a lot of government jobs being furloughed, most people working for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will stay on the job. For all students visiting the U.S. on green cards or who need green cards, they'll still be able to submit their applications like normal.

Benefits will still get paid out

With not all students qualifying for student health plans, or with those who can't afford private health insurance, Medicare and Social Security benefits will still get paid out. There'll probably be a bit of a delay for students who are submitting disability claims, but there'll still be employees handling all the paperwork.

Weather won't be an issue

College students studying in areas regularly hit by tornadoes and hurricanes will still have advance warning. Although governmental science has been affected by the shutdown, with NASA furloughing almost all of its employees, the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center will still forecast weather, issue warnings and track storms.

It's not just E.T. who'll be able to phone home

With the Thanksgiving break soon approaching and no clear indication of whether or not the shutdown will lift, being able to get home for the holiday can be a big worry. But that won't be a problem, as the Federal Aviation Administration asked its employees back to work last week, the State Department will still foreign visa and U.S. passport applications, and American consulates and embassies overseas will still be able to service American citizens. As well, most Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection employees will be working, just in case students run into trouble sailing home.

One of the most noted U.S. landmarks will be open

For any students who have ever lived within a couple hundred miles of the Statue of Liberty and visited it as a family or class trip, France's gift to Manhattan re-opened this past Sunday. With the State of New York agreeing to shoulder the costs of operation, the Green Goddess is once again open to anyone and everyone.
Just not to climb.

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