Three Best Online Education Programs

Online education programs have grown more sophisticated and much more rigorous than previous editions. Schools have seen the benefits of creating interactive, intuitive and accessible education degrees. So where should you go for the top online program? These degrees were ranked as the top online programs in the country for education. These programs were surveyed for faculty credentials and training, student engagement and assessment, and student services and technology. This article explores the schools in each category.

Student Services and Technology

Ranked at number one, Arizona State was followed by Sam Houston State University, and Florida International University. Located in Tempe, AZ, Arizona State for its online education program being completely accessible with video lecture material and low state tuition. Founded in Huntsville, TX, Sam Houston State University offers an abundance of different courses online and has a low in-state and out-of-state tuition at $121 per credit. Florida International University is situated in Miami, Florida and is a public institution with a rolling deadline and plenty of courses offered in different formats, including various lecture and interactive tools for online students.

Faculty Credentials and Training

Westfield State University came in at number for faculty credentials and training, followed by United States Sports Academy and St. Mary's College of California. These schools have amazing professors with years of experience in their education fields. Tuition for students at Westfield is a little high at $250 credit, but still low compared to other schools. United States Sports Academy specializes more in sports training and exercise sciences, but also offers some talented faculty members for its students. St. Mary's College of California has a lower tuition and also has great student feedback on its course content.

Student Engagement and Assessment

Bellevue University is number one in this category, according to U.S. News. In second, Newberry College offers over 50 different education courses online, and Troy University comes in at third, a school with a few different online programs in education. Bellevue is a private institution and has been offering online bachelor's degrees in education since 1996. Newberry College is also a private institution which offers recorded and interactive courses online. Troy University has been offering online bachelor's degree classes since 1998, and it's programs show a sophistication for an online environment with a decent tuition price.

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