Top Certifications for Freelance Writers

Certifications are often viewed as specifically for careers or advancing your education, but freelance writers also benefit from them. By getting a certificate, such as one that shows your experience in Microsoft Office programs or Adobe, it is showing you have knowledge, education, training and experience in those areas. For a freelance writer, these are helpful when you are getting clients and showing your expertise. Aside from showing published or unpublished samples of your work, it can be hard showing what you are able to accomplish. This is what certifications offer you. Here are some of the top certifications available for freelance writers.

Media Bistro Certification Program

The first certification program for freelance writers is the one offered by Media Bistro. This is for a certificate in copyediting, which is common for many writers and editors to get work in as freelancers. You will learn about editing and proofreading, writing skills, researching skills and learn how to get a job in the media, local newspaper, and getting online clients.

SEO Certification

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential if you're planning to be a freelance writer. Much of your work will involve articles, web content and blog posts, which utilize keywords for SEO purposes. There is an SEO certification that will teach you the fundamentals of using SEO, selecting keywords, and including them in your different web content. With this certificate, you can show your knowledge and education on your resume, as well as online profiles such as on bidding sites and job boards.

Technical Writing Certificate

One form of freelance writing online that is high in demand, is technical writing. This is because not all writers can fully accomplish and learn technical writing. If you are interested in this type of writing, such as technology, Internet usage and different electronic machines, you can get a technical writing certificate. The Society of Technical Communications is one of the best organizations offering a professional technical writing certificate.

Medical Writing Certificate

Medical writing is also beneficial for freelance writers, due to the many opportunities available to you. As a medical writer, you can work for different medical offices, organizations and clients in the health and medical field. The medical writing certificate is offered by a number of organizations, including the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals and the American Medical Writers Association.

Adobe Expert Certification

Finally, if you plan to write blog post and produce content that includes images or multimedia, a certificate in Adobe is also beneficial to you. This type of certificate program allows you to become an Adobe Certified expert in different areas of Adobe, like Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop. This adds to your resume and allows you to be educated and qualified for more types of freelance jobs from home.

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