Top Colleges for Today’s Computer Science Majors

All types of universities offer a computer science degree. There are specialties in every facet of computers, from programming to software engineering, to system analysis and even artificial intelligence. The right program for you depends on interest level, years you want to spend in college and what career you want to go into. There are also some top degrees that are getting higher paid positions and allow you to stay on the cutting edge of technology that will offer you more opportunities. So where can you get the best degree program in today's computer science education? YourDegree has some ideas for computer science majors and those who are considering a career in computer science.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Practically every computer science whiz wants a chance to go to this prestigious tech school. MIT has the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer science, which is always top ranked in the five best computer science schools in the United States. The program at MIT offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in an array of computer fields, from computational systems to software development, to interfaces and nanotechnology. In addition, MIT is one of the leading educators to offer online courses and even free courses to any student, whether enrolled at MIT or not. The forward thinking faculty at MIT has been praised for their contributions to "open education." You can check out MIT at

Stanford University

Think you've got what it takes to go to one of the leading computer engineering schools in the country? Stanford is right up there with MIT and is also at the forefront of the "open education" movement. Stanford University's Department of Computer Science was listed as being one of the best computer science programs and is also consistently in the top five around the country. The school offers both undergraduate and graduate programs with degrees that focus in numerical analysis, hardware and software systems, and artificial intelligence. You can check out Stanford's computer science programs at

University of California at Berkeley

Often called UC Berkeley or just Berkeley, this tech school is ranked in the top five as well. UC has both undergraduate and graduate programs in computer science but also delivers post-graduate programs as well. The bachelor's degree programs focus on complexity theory, artificial intelligence, database systems, and design and analysis of algorithms, just to name a few. You can also find master's degree programs in system programming, computer systems analysis and artificial intelligence. You can study the program in more detail by visiting

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