Unnecessary College Expenses

When you go off to college, you are going to have to be in charge of your expenses. You may be used to having things while living with your parents you just cannot afford now that you are on your own. Don't worry tough, you are not going to be living like a pauper or anything as long as you are careful and do not spend money on things you do not need.

Food Plan

When you sign up to live on campus, you need to make a decision on your meal plan. You can allot so much of your fees towards meals in the dining room and then have some for restaurants or stands on campus that are not part of the dining hall. The more you allot for the dining hall, the less you can spend elsewhere and vice-versa. There are 21 meals in a week. You are not going to eat all of them in the dining hall. A good idea for your first semester is to have around 14 meals in the hall and the rest for snacks and such. If you find yourself not going to the hall that often, change it the next semester so you have more free meals where you want.


It is most probable that you have a mobile phone. You probably have one still on your parents' plan. If you are taking over this bill on your own, do not think you have to have Internet access on it. Your room will have Wi-Fi as will the rest of campus. You can use the school's Internet for your phone and save on that bill. There is no need for any other phone in your room, so don't have one.


While you might want a car to go home on long weekends or to get to and from work, it could be an unnecessary expense. Parking on campus will not only cost you money but can be tough to find. Paying car insurance and gas and upkeep on your vehicle might be more than you can afford. Most universities live near some type of public transportation if you are going to be going off campus a lot. You can also go out with friends who have cars and offer to help with gas. This would help you both.

Gym Memberships

Very few campuses do not have a full gym open for students 24/7. You do not need to pay for a membership anywhere else. If you are living on campus, the school's facilities are much closer and you will be more apt to go there anyway than driving across town.

Keeping your expenses down is something you will learn with time. If you are one of the lucky people who do not have to worry about money at all, remember that most of your class mates do. Offer to give them a ride if they are going someplace off campus to help them out a bit.

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