Using Online Education to Fill in Gaps Between Studying

Going after higher education doesn't always happen in a straight line. Sometimes, we take detours along the way to stop and smell the roses, and sometimes life necessitates breaking for a bit. It's those in-between moments that really define us, the pauses when the momentum's let up and we still have to find a way to keep going. One of the distinct advantages of online education, though, is the option of completing it entirely at your own pace: each credit exactly when it works for you. Here are our top reasons for why online education rocks at filling in the gaps between "normal" school sessions.

1. It Keeps the Momentum Up

Think back to every summer or spring break you ever had and how little time it took you to put school firmly out of your mind. Now fast forward to when that time was over and you had to hit the books again and just how hard it was to get back into the swing of things.

It's always much easier to keep something going than it is to start and stop repeatedly. While you may not have the time to do all your education in one sitting, keeping up with at least one course can help stave off the rust.

2. It Chips Away at a Degree

Just a little more than a third of students finish a bachelor's degree in the prescribed four years, with little more than half needing six. Going beyond six years to finish a four-year degree usually decreases a student's chance of finishing…

…unless you keep digging away at it steadily. Even students who sit on piles of money don't bat 1.000 when it comes to finishing school on time. It's like the fable about the tortoise and the hare: any student can pop out of the gate fast, but the one who never gives up after plodding along is surest to finish.

3. It Provides a Great Way to Quickly Become Current

Let's say you're one of the students who already has a degree that pertains to a certain job field, but have been out of work for a little while. You're not as competitive as your fellow applicants and online education is a way to boost your profile.

You don't necessarily have to commit yourself to a new degree, but could rather take a few courses to prove to employers you understand the most current information. While this may not be as important for areas like the liberal arts, for things like STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, math), it is. Information in those fields changes rapidly and regularly, and those who aren't up-to-date will simply get left behind.

4. It Unlocks Your Brain for Other Areas

The thing about learning is, it doesn't happen in isolation. Even if you study something like particle physics, it still applies to other areas. What school does is teach you how to learn to learn, not just how to become an expert in one area.

When you're writing a philosophy paper, you're not just writing about Socrates' method of questioning, you're picking up skills that like being able to organize your thoughts, present a logically-constructed argument, and write clearly. And guess where these skills can be used? In every single field of learning and in every single job.

Whatever subject you decide to tackle, it'll never set you back. There are always important lessons to take away from online education, even if they're not the ones in your course syllabus. You won't even realize how it's happened, but one day, you'll be doing something ordinary and will have a lightbulb moment where you suddenly see how everything you've studied has finally come together.

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