What Are The Best Online Degree Programs In 2014?

As online education continues to grow in popularity, more and more schools are jumping on the bandwagon. Because of that, it's easy to get caught up in the flood of information and think that each school offers the same opportunity. They don't, with some degree programs definitely rising to the top while others reside firmly at the bottom. Knowing which school to do your online degree program with and which ones to avoid is a big part of the process, and we take a look at some of the best programs for you.


Engineering is one of the smartest academic choices you can make, as it leads to a solid, well-paying career you can work at in just about any state. While studying engineering, you also take science and math classes that can help you land similar jobs, just in case being an engineer doesn't work out.

The University of Alabama: According to the Open Education Database, this school is tops in the country if you want to fulfill your engineering degree online.

Arizona State University: The acceptance rate here is 89%, which gives you a really good shot at getting ahead.

University of North Dakota: Only the best teachers keep making it through, with a full-time to part-time faculty ratio of 9.82 : 1.


Becoming a teacher is not just a noble aspiration, but one that also leads to a comfortable, steady paycheck and a career you can also take with you around the world. And once you retire from teaching, there are still plenty of ways to keep making money with your degree and experience.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College: It has a default rate of 0% and an institution financial aid rate of 100%.

University of North Carolina—Wilmington: You're getting a great mix of seasoned veterans and youthful energy, with a 1.65 : 1 full-time to part-time faculty ratio.

University of Georgia: Their retention rate of 94% and graduation rate of 83% means this school has not just recognized the hardships of online education, but addressed them appropriately.


Going higher in the business world is still very much in fashion, as it's as close to being a necessary step as there is on this corporate ladder. While it's possible to rise to the ranks of being a CEO, executive, or vice-president, you can cut down on a lot of the work involved by getting an MBA.

University of Florida: It's a bit tough to get in here, as only 44% of students are accepted. But of those, 85% finish with a degree in hand.

Misericordia University: Every single student is accepted for institutional financial aid, and 70% of them getting placed for jobs.

Ball State University: For 89 years, this school has held accreditation status, and offers a happy medium tough-easy acceptance with 61%.

Computer Science

Never mind Googling this stuff on your own, these schools are pros at amassing relevant information and compiling it in a package that'll actually pay off. And since computers are the present and future, knowing how to manipulate the guts of one will prove increasingly valuable.

Dakota State University: They may accept 89% of applicants, but you'll be getting a world-class education from any of the profs, all of whom hold at least a PhD.

Elizabeth City State University: Only one in two applicants get in and 38% of students get institution financial aid, but their computer science program is set up incredibly similarly to the campus's.

University of Advancing Technology: At 22 years of accreditation, they're a bit of a new player on the scene, but with a default rate of 0% and job placement rate of 90%, it's easy to see why they're ranked third.

If you've picked any of the above four programs for your online degree this year, you're in luck: they're all strong programs in the online world, lead to solid jobs once you're done, and offer a fantastic education through your computer screen.
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