Why Getting a Degree is Still Worth It

Tuition keeps going up, aid packages keep going down, and steady, middle-class jobs are harder than ever to secure. The question then becomes: does getting a degree actually pay off?


The quick answer is yes. used that as a baseline and students felt a double crunch: get a degree just to stay current, but with the dilemma of getting another degree or a higher one to get ahead.

Getting a degree today is like yesterday's high school diploma: it's seen as a standard, something students need to do if they want a basic entry-level job. Employers aren't as willing to hire people and train them on company time; they want candidates to come in with a fair bit of knowledge already. And while it's true that colleges and universities prepare students in a more theoretical aspect, that approach can't be discounted. Universities teach students how to think; jobs teach people what to think—

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