Business Administration Degree

Business administration is the process of managing each component as a business to ensure its stability and growth. This is a necessary position for all businesses, and salaries can be high. A business administration degree prepares students for careers in managerial positions for companies. With a degree in business administration, it is possible to eventually achieve a position in a very high-paying role such as the CEO of a corporation. There are various levels of management, but to make your way up the ladder, the first step is an education in business administration.

Business Administration Degree Success Factors

Because business administration is preparing students for a position in leadership, skills and experience as a leader is the most important success factor to success in business administration degree. Organizational skills are also required, as well as the ability to work under pressure. Sometimes long hours will be required when employed in the field. Students should be able to deal with this, as well as a potentially tumultuous work schedule and stress levels.

Business Administration Degree Majors

Business administration offers a few majors for students to choose from. A general major in business administration can be pursued. If students want something more specialized, more specific majors can be chosen, such as marketing administration, retail management, or e-business management.

Business Administration Degree Curriculum

A typical business administration curriculum will have classes such as college bath, economics, psychology, business, English, public speaking, accounting, business ethics, business strategy, statistics, human resources management, international business, and marketing.

Business Administration Degrees

A wide range of specific degrees in business administration can be pursued. These include Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in e-Business, Bachelor of Science in Global Business Management, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Finance, Master of Business Administration Accounting, Master of Business Administration Human Resource Management, Master of Business Administration Global Management, and Master of Business Administration Marketing.

Business Administration Jobs

A variety of jobs can be found once an individual earns a degree in business, covering all industries and sectors.