Business Administration Program

You've heard about programs in business administration but you never really looked into it. However, times have changed and you've come to the decision that you're ready for an administration job but you're not sure which kind. Many people are surprised to learn that a degree in business administration goes a lot further then just a paper pushing job: it can get them careers in retail, hospitality, food service management, human resources, or purchasing. One of the great things about a business administration program is that it has a versatile foundation of courses that can be used regardless of which career field you decide to pursue.

Business Administration Program Options

Getting a degree in business administration doesn't have to be a complicated process. College campuses offer courses during the day, evening classes, and many now offer these courses online. While online learning once had a social stigma against it, that stigma is quickly fading away. Many working adults are returning to further their education and with the advances in technology, they are able to participate in online courses without losing out on the features of an in person course. For those people who need someone there to encourage and push them forward, in class learning is still recommended.

Business Administration Program Curriculum

A business administration program curriculum is designed to give you a breadth of experience in many phases of business. Therefore, a typical business administration school curriculum includes a broad liberal arts experience, global business, foreign languages, global area studies, a broad business core, and on-the-job experience through a co-op program.

Business Administration Program Degrees

A business administration degree can come in many forms; these forms are dependent on how much education you decide to go for. This degree can be earned as an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or even a doctorate. Most colleges and universities offer a bachelor's degree in business, with concentrations in accounting, marketing, finance, or advertising. Usually, when a person goes to program for a business administration degree, they often stay longer to earn their MBA (Master of Business Administration). This gives them a wider range of jobs since more business administration topics are covered under this degree.

Business Administration Jobs

A degree in business administration can open many doors across the board, from office work to food management services. Job positions in the office can range from the following: administrative assistant, financial administrator, human resource assistant, entry-level sales associate, or even an office management position. Other jobs can range from being a team leader to an account manager. While these sounds like very general positions, they are positions that are in virtually every industry. No matter what profession you look at, there is someone at a corporate or branch office working behind the scenes.