Business Degree Programs Online

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Would you like to advance in the company that currently employs you? Do you just want to enhance your business skills? The good news is, you can achieve all of this without the hassle and expense of attending college in-person. You can attend a business program online and get the credentials you need. There are many advantages to studying business online, including the convenience of taking courses at your own pace and in your spare time. Also, earning a business program degree online allows you to continue working while attending school, and you can attend a program that is not geographically convenient to you.

Business Degree Online Program Majors

Business online programs offer a number of online majors to prepare you for specialization in the workplace, including entrepreneurship, finance, information systems, international business, marketing, accounting, business online, operations management, and real estate.

Business Online Program Specializations

Online business programs offer many areas of specialization for you to study, including business administration, management, accounting, communication, finance, marketing, human resources, and more.

Business Online Program Curriculum

An online business program curriculum is designed to give you a wide variety of experience in many aspects of business, so you can expect a heavy dose of courses in liberal arts, global business, foreign languages, global area studies, a broad business core, and on-the-job experience through a co-op program.

Business Online Program Degrees

Online business programs offer online degrees at every level, including an online Business Administration Associate's degree, an online Bachelor's of Business Administration, and an online Master's of Business Administration (MBA).

Business Jobs

Business is a broad online major, covering just about every major aspect of business. So you can anticipate a broad job market after graduating from an online business program. A business online degree can help you obtain an entry-level position at a company, get a raise at your current job, or increase your competitiveness for management-level positions.