California Colleges and Universities

If you were enrolled in a college in California and were on a spring break it is conceivable that you could wake up in the morning to go surfing then head for the mountains for afternoon snowboarding and be back in Hollywood in time for a red carpet premiere. And that's just on Los Angeles! California is proud to proclaim that they have the most colleges and universities in the country. The current count stands as just over 700. It is highly unlikely you could visit all 700 schools, but if you narrow your choice to the specific field of study, you will soon find there's a school for you in California.

The big kahuna is Stanford, but there are just as many prestigious schools to research. The Cal State University system alone boasts 23 campuses up and down the state from San Diego State to Cal State campuses at Fullerton, Long Beach, Los Angeles and Southern California. Those last two schools are where you'll find the ongoing Bruins versus Trojans rivalry. And you can't discount the campuses at UC Berkeley, Sacramento and San Francisco. On the private school front you can check out Claremont McKenna College, Pomona College or Mount St. Mary's College as the perfect institutes to earn a degree in California.

California Degree Options

Seven hundred colleges translates into thousands of degree programs. Not only can you find impressive bachelors degree or master's degree programs at the four year university level, but you'll also discover an abundance of community colleges to pick from. For 2 year career training you couldn't go wrong by attending Santa Ana College, Los Angeles Trade Technical College or Riverside Community College.

Not only does California lead the nation in the number of schools, but they also lead the nation in the number of distant learning options. You can enroll in a California college, earn your degree and never leave your home! Online learning has become a viable option for busy students who don't want to give up on their job or their education.

California Career Paths

When it comes to picking a career path in California many students boil it down to two choices: Hollywood or Silicon Valley. On the Hollywood side there aren't just opportunities to study acting, directing or screenwriting. You can also look into all the support industries such as cinematography or cosmetology. Staying in the arts, you could follow the path to graphic design and photography with course work at the Academy of Art University, California Institute of the Arts, of the Academy of Art in San Francisco. As for Silicon Valley, you'll find all kinds of degree programs in computer programming and IT. Finally, for the medical profession, it doesn't get any better than a degree from UCLA. With so many California colleges to choose from, how could you pick just one?