Automotive Careers

Those seeking an automotive degree inspect, maintain and repair cars and light trucks that run off gas or alternative fuel sources. It’s a fast-changing world, requiring up-to-the-minute knowledge of maintenance-technology and computerized systems. So much so, that the term “mechanic” is quickly being replaced with “auto technician.” ASE certification is standard for auto technicians in larger cities, and is quickly becoming necessary for auto technicians everywhere.

Employment Opportunities

Automotive professionals often focus on specialty positions, including:

  • Transmission technician & rebuilder
  • Tune-up technician
  • Front-end mechanic
  • Brake repairer


Automotive professionals need to show aptitude in many areas, including:

  • High-tech tools & diagnostic equipment
  • Electronics
  • Physics
  • Problem solving & trouble-shooting
  • Customer service

Industry Spotlight

Getting an automotive degree can seriously help you get ahead: the industry is highly competitive and automotive-related positions have recently shown slower growth than in the past. Even still, analysts predict automotive technician positions will grow 14% over the next eight years, as workers more familiar with new auto technologies enter the workforce.

- Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008