e-Business Careers

The term e-Business is simply a short way of saying “electronic business.” An e-Business degree focuses on utilizing computer-mediated processes and networks as they relate to a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Online marketing systems, computer networking, and software development all fall beneath the general category of e-Business. With security being of utmost importance, many positions within e-Business require advanced certification.

Employment Opportunities

e-Business professionals are responsible for a number of business aspects and infrastructures, including:

  • Computer system design, implementation and support
  • Internet & Intranet security
  • Software development
  • Wireless technology
  • Related sales & marketing


e-Business professionals need a wide range of knowledge relating to:

  • The latest computer software & hardware
  • Electronics
  • Computer engineering & science
  • Analytical skills
  • Trouble-shooting skills

Industry Spotlight

With so much versatility, e-Business is an integral part of workflow and work-system advancement today. Thus, opportunities at every level are virtually unlimited. With increasing experience, many find that acting as a consultant to companies can be highly lucrative. Across the board, wages in e-Business are expected to have increased 38% by 2016.

- Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008