Human Resources Careers

Someone who works in human resources essentially acts as a liaison and facilitator between employees and hiring managers. Any enterprise that is too large for hiring managers to do this work themselves employs a human resource director. Daily tasks can include recruiting, organizing interviews, outlining and overseeing job training, conducting initial and exit interviews, overseeing all new hire paperwork and benefits. Human resource directors also frequently act as policy advisors.

Employment Opportunities

Human Resource professionals hold a variety of positions, including:

  • Director of human resources
  • Recruiter
  • Job or occupational analyst
  • Labor relations manager, arbitrator or mediator


Human Resource professionals need a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Organization
  • Resourcefulness
  • Working as a part of a team
  • Knowledge of labor law, social science, psychology and organizational structure
  • Exceptional inter-personal, written & verbal communication

Industry Spotlight

Depending on what specific industry human resources professionals choose to work in, a position may require additional certification beyond a human resources degree. With arbitrators and mediators this is especially common. Furthermore, many who go into research and consulting will often acquire Ph.D.s.

- Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008