Career Certificates in Animation

Animation creates more career opportunities for visual artists. The field of animation delves into various facets of graphic design, video game design, film, television and other areas that reproduce high quality graphics. If you are a graphic designer already and have experience with animation, a career certificate is a good choice to add in qualifications and show that experience in animation on your resume or portfolio. Whether you have just begun animating, or you are a professional with Maya and Adobe software, a career certificate program opens you up to many technical opportunities and more creative platforms to utilize while learning.

Career Certificate in Animation Professionals

While you may have just a little experience using programs like Poser or zBrush, the career certificate program will expand upon this knowledge and train you for a professional career. A number of different professionals in animation benefit from earning a career certificate in animation including 3D character modeler, 3D environment modeler, 3D prop modeler, texture artist, 3D lighting artist, character rigger, 3D animator, 2D animator, Flash/web animator, concept artist, illustrator, motion graphics technician, game level designer, 2D/3D scripter, composite artist, assistant/associate/junior producer, and asset manager.

Career Certificate in Animation Curriculum

There are several areas that you can specialize for animation. Some of those specializations include 2D animation, 3D animation, character development, game art, special effects animation, principles of storyboarding, drawing, modeling, and animation, digital video, and professional post-production techniques. A career certificate in Animation program typically takes a shorter amount of time than a degree, and you can add this certificate easily to show your experience alongside a graphic display or portfolio.

Types of Career Certificates in Animation

You may want to consider focusing on a certain type of animation for your certificate, such as 3-D animation or post-production techniques. Modeling is a favorite among animators because this is one of the most important parts to creating realistic animated figures for the big screen and video game industries. You should speak to your college adviser about the career certificate programs for animation and ask about any related fields that interest you.

Online Career Certificates in Animation

An online career certificate is perfect for any student who has a full work schedule and yet still wants to become an animator. The certificate simply shows that you have taken the necessary courses for animation and that you are proficient in the field. You can take online courses and complete this certification in less time than an actual degree, yet you can make your own schedule and work at whatever pace suits your studying habits.

Advantages of Career Certificates in Animation

Career certificates in Animation offer you many advantages for both your education and your career:

  • Fulfill the certification requirements of your state, industry, or company
  • Complete the same courses in less time
  • Pay less for a certificate tuition than a degree
  • Experiment with the newest animation technology
  • Learn the latest techniques for video game and animated design