Communication Degree

Communications studies are a broad academic field that focus on many different forms of communication. Communications studies cover a wide range of different communications anywhere from conversations to public speaking to reaching small groups of people to very large groups of people. There are many areas of interest that communications studies overlap in such as advertisement, journalism, and public relations. Any form of communication is discussed at least generally in communication studies. The complete understanding of communication trends and how the public responds to certain forms of communication is the knowledge that can be found in communications studies. Culture, environment, and interest are aspects of human behavior that play a key role in how communication must be portrayed to a certain group of people.

Communication Degree Majors

Communication degrees require a broad foundation in the basics of communication along with more focused study in an area of concentration. Communication degree students typically major in a particular area as well as choose one or more areas of concentration. Typical majors include journalism, international affairs, foreign languages, social science programs, and business. Typical areas of concentration include advanced communication, organizational communication, interpersonal communication, public communication or mass media.

Communication Degree Curriculum

A communication degree curriculum is designed to broaden your understanding of language, sciences and culture and to help you master communication in various forms and media. Typical communication degree courses include English composition, quantitative reasoning, foreign languages, effective public speaking, interpersonal communication, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, rhetorical theory, communication theory, literature, historical perspectives, advanced communication, fine arts, social & ethical issues, and diversity & culture.

Communication Degrees

Communication degrees are typically offered at every level of study, including Associate's of Communication degrees, Bachelor's of Communication degrees, Master's of Communications degrees, and Doctorate's of Communication degrees.

Communication Jobs

Graduates of communication degree are well prepared for many different career options. Communication graduates typically find jobs as admissions counselors, advertising account executives, communication educators, electronic media on-air talent, producers and directors, event planners, human resource specialists, journalists, marketing managers, and sales representatives, among many others.