Computer Engineering Program

Just about every aspect of our lives is run by computers. From the devices we use in our kitchen, to the computers that run our transportation vehicles, to the complex machines that run our businesses, computers permeate our existence. For that reason, there is always a high demand for qualified computer engineers to design, construct, and test the computer systems that run our world. Computer engineering programs teach you all the major aspects of a career in computer engineering. So if you're considering a career in computer engineering, take a moment now and find the right computer engineering program for you.

Computer Engineering Program Success Factors

Successful computer engineers are typically proficient in math and science, are commonly detail-oriented, enjoy problem solving, have strong written and verbal communications skills, and display perseverance and patience.

Computer Engineering Program Skills

A computer engineering program prepares you for a career as a computer engineer by building skills in problem solving and giving you a strong general knowledge of computer engineering topics. By the time you earn a degree from a computer engineering program, you should be well skilled in the technology and business of computer science.

Computer Engineering Program Curriculum

A computer engineering program curriculum is designed to prepare you for the many challenges of a career in computer engineering. A typical computer engineering program curriculum provides a strong foundation in chemistry, physics, trigonometry, calculus, engineering and computer sciences.

Computer Engineering Program Degrees

Colleges and universities offer several levels of engineering programs. An associate's degree in computer engineering prepares you for an entry-level job in computer engineering or if you wish to transfer to a bachelor's degree program. A bachelor's degree in computer engineering deepens your knowledge of key principles of engineering. A master's degree in computer engineering prepares you to solve complex problems faced by consumers and businesses. A doctorate in computer engineering offers the chance to innovate, research, and teach. Any person who wishes to be considered a certified engineer must pass a licensure exam given through the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.

Computer Engineering Jobs

The United States Department of Labor cites computer engineering as the fastest-growing branch of engineering over the past two decades. Computer engineers find work in just about every sector and industry, from designing new microchips to developing industrial robots. Computer engineers work with civil engineers on a river dam, collaborate with automotive designers to create internal systems that regulate fuel efficiency and tire pressure, and many more.