Computer Technology Degree

Computer technology jobs have been increasing in recent years more than many other industries. This provides an exciting opportunity for students who are interested in this field of study. Computer technology, as opposed to computer science, deals with the computers themselves and what they can do, and often the programming for these technologies, rather than the scientific development of the technologies themselves. This could involve anything from data processing to computer game programming. The field is large and ever-expanding.

Computer Technology Degree Success Factors

Students in computer technology-related areas of study should have strong organizational skills. Certainly they should be very literate with technology of course. They should be able to work under pressure and be able to handle deadlines well. Skills in math and science are required personal assets that the student should have. A creative mind will certainly help and for some jobs in computer technology, may be essential.

Computer Technology Degree Majors

Aside from the broad study of the technology itself, students can major in networking, graphic design, architecture, computer game programming, multimedia, telecommunications, web design, information technology management, database administration, software engineering, computer programming, system administration, and network management, among others.

Computer Technology Degree Curriculum

Obviously since there are many majors in computer technology to choose from, the courses for each major do vary. However, typical courses in computer technology majors include computer engineering, computer forensics, computer networking, telecommunications, computer science, databases, information science, college-level math, graphic design, web design, computer programming, web technology, and media ethics.

Computer Technology Degrees

Degrees that can be earned in computer science majors include Bachelor in Computer Networking, Bachelor in Computer Programming, Master in Computer Programming, Bachelor in Computer Science, Master in Computer Science, Bachelor in Database Administration, Bachelor in Desktop Applications, Associate in Information Technology, Bachelor in Information Technology, Bachelor in Network Administration, Bachelor in Network Security, Bachelor in Tech Support, Bachelor in Telecommunications, Bachelor in Web Development, and more.

Computer Technology Jobs

There is a very large and expanding field of employment for graduates of computer technology degree. Just some of these job opportunities include computer animators, careers in information technology, communication managers, video game developers, video game programmers, computer engineers, computer graphic specialists, computer operators, computer programmers, computer scientists, computer software engineers, data processors, database developers, graphic designers, video editors, web designers, software developers, and many more.