Construction School

Construction school otherwise known as Construction management is a person that oversees an entire Construction project. This ranges from commercial, residential or industrial projects from start to finish.

Construction School Success Factors

Since you will technically be the boss of every Construction job you are involved with, it's important that you can take your own direction and know what you need to do for a specific job. Also, since you will be the boss of the other employees it's important that you can get along well with others and you don't mind taking leadership over others, but that you can do so in a professional manner.

Construction School Majors

Construction majors don't usually do any "building", however, they do deal with managing every single employee on the job as well as hiring and firing, counting and ordering inventory, safety regulations, coordination and distribution of products. This is also the person that deals with union reps, government regulators investors and of course architects.

Construction School Curriculum

They courses which you will be involved in will include an array of construction classes as well as managerial classes. These include Introduction To Construction Estimating X-34, Essential Construction Math, Construction Blueprint Reading X-33, Estimating and Bidding 1, X21, Construction Materials and Processes, Accident Prevention and Loss Control, ENGR 025, Project Management for Construction Supervisors, ENGR, Construction Productivity Improvement, ENGR 26 as well as possible "green courses" such as LEED for New Construction: Applying the Guidelines and Building Green Buildings: The Contractor's Perspective.

Construction School Degrees

In a lot of cases work experience and background is a major plus in this industry. However, some professionals will prefer that you have a degree under your belt. A Bachelor degree or certification in Construction Management, Engineering and Building Science is beneficial.

Construction Jobs

Construction is such a broad term. Among Construction Management, you can also find titles such as Electrical Engineer, Insulation installer, Chief Construction Engineer, Residential Construction Project Manager, Construction Professionals and Heavy Equipment Mechanic available to you. On average, a construction profession can bring in a good bit of money, depending on what you are doing. Within a managerial position since you will be in charge of other people, and you will need a bachelor's degree, a higher pay scale is to be expected. The median annual wage of construction managers is almost $70,000. And given developing populations, especially in major cities, opportunities for construction management graduates should be available in the years to come.