Construction Degrees

Construction has been a necessary industry for thousands of years. Buildings and shelter are vital for human civilization, so construction will no doubt always be around. Work in this industry is laborious and often tiring, but for many, it is just the kind of hard work that they are looking for. Degrees in construction can help you gain employment in this field.

Construction Degree Success Factors

Those who pursue education and employment in the field of construction must be hard workers. They must be willing to work many hours, usually outside, in sometimes extreme weather conditions. They must of course be physically able to do this type of work, but also willing to work in this way and in this environment. If the student instead chooses to major in engineering or construction management, then leadership skills, as well as interest and skill in math, is required.

Construction Degree Majors

Many jobs in construction require only on-the-job training with no degrees required. Because of this, there are very few majors in the field of construction to choose from. Of course, students can choose to take the path of majoring in construction engineering, mechanics, or technology. Or, for more of a leadership role, they can major in construction administration.

Construction Degree Curriculum

If the individual chooses to major in an area related to construction, then courses typically required are construction estimating, construction administration, construction safety, building codes, electrical systems, mechanical systems, construction plans, construction methods, framing, estimating, surveying, electrical systems, plumbing, masonry, and more.

Construction Degrees

As mentioned above, for entry-level construction labor jobs, no degrees are typically required. On-the-job training is typically relied upon. However, for higher-up positions, degrees are often required. Some degrees that can be earned are an Associate of Applied Science in Construction Management, Associate of Applied Science in Construction Technology, Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, Master of Science in Construction Management, and Ph.D. in Construction Management.

Construction Jobs

Entry-level construction jobs with only on-the-job training required are typically fairly low paying, yet require little or no education. These would include carpenters, remodelers, contractors, millworkers, building inspectors, cabinet makers, tilers, road construction workers, etc. However, for higher-up jobs in construction, education would be required. Examples of this include engineers, electricians, construction managers, and others.