Construction Management School

Almost everywhere you go, you encounter some phase of the construction process. And everywhere you see a construction project, there's a construction manager overseeing every aspect of construction. To prepare students for the many challenges of the construction industry, construction management schools teach all facets of the designing, building, and constructing process. Construction management schools provide an understanding of construction methods, theories and practices, personnel administration, scheduling, project budgeting and job site and project controls. After you attend construction management school, you will be well prepared for a career in architecture, management, engineering and business.

Construction Management School Success Factors

Successful construction managers typically have excellent leadership skills and are able to plan and conduct operations for successful construction projects from design to completion. Construction managers typically enjoy the challenge of working on major construction projects with design and construction professionals. They understand how to efficiently use manpower and materials, solving problems and thinking creatively along the way. Construction managers communicate clearly, are good team players, and are excellent at organization.

Construction Management School Concentrations

Most construction management school students choose a particular area of concentration. Concentrated study in the construction management major includes drawings and construction documents, project delivery systems, estimating, cost control and financing, scheduling, value engineering, construction and project management.

Construction Management School Curriculum

Construction management schools choose a curriculum that best prepares students for a career as a construction manager. A typical construction management curriculum includes courses in general studies, liberal arts, communications, ethics, leadership, mathematics, and physics.

Construction Management School Degrees

Construction management school degrees are typically offered at the Bachelor's and Master's degree levels. Your eligibility for construction management degree programs depends in part on your previous level of education. The Bachelor of Science degree in construction management is a recognized credential for a professional executive career in construction.

Construction Management School Jobs

Construction management degrees open up job opportunities in industries across the globe. Graduates of construction management schools are typically employed by general contractors, specialty contractors, construction management firms, building owners, corporate builders, developers, engineering firms, manufacturers, utility companies, government agencies, educational and health institutions. Construction managers often become job-site superintendents, project managers and officers of companies.