Counseling School

Counseling school is not something to be entered into lightly. It is a long and hard road of schooling, requiring a masters degree at the least. However, the hard work will pay for itself when you find that you are able to help people in any sector, whatever area you choose. You can choose to be an academic counselor, school counselor, or rehabilitation counselor. Whatever your area of expertise will become, you will have the satisfaction of helping others.

Counseling School Success Factors

In order to be successful in counseling school you need to have a long term view and a drive to help others, whatever it takes. You will also need to have the ability to keep sessions confidential, even with friends, family and your spouse. You will also need to be able to look at situations objectively, without judgement.

Counseling School Majors

There are several areas you may choose to emphasize in your studies to become a counselor. Academic counselors and school counselors will require a different skill set than rehabilitation counselors. You should carefully consider where you will use your counseling skills once you complete schooling so that you can choose the appropriate major and corresponding courses.

Counseling School Curriculum

The most basic curriculum for counseling school will depend on where you are in your education. If you do not have a college degree at all and you will be starting from scratch you can work toward a general Bachelor's in Science degree with an emphasis on physcology courses. If you already have a Bachelors Degree of any kind you can go on to obtain a Masters in Counseling. Your coursework for the Masters degree will include a lot of psychology courses, including child psychology, rehabilitation psychology, and other general courses.

Counseling School Degrees

You must earn a Masters degree in order to become a counselor. However, the degree you begin with, whether Associates or Bachelors, is somewhat irrelevant. As long as you earn a masters degree in counseling you will be able to start your career. Remember, however, that the more courses and experience you have in your chosen field of study, the more success you will have when you complete your degree and enter the workforce.

Counseling Jobs

There are a number of different counseling jobs available depending on the area you choose as your expertise. You may work in any level of public or private schools as a school counselor. This is a special job because you will find yourself counseling in matters of academics and social life. Another place you can earn a job will be as an academic counselor in community colleges and universities. Finally, you can work as a marriage counselor, a rehabilitation counselor, or a family counselor in a facility or firm.