Court Reporting School

Video conferencing has been around since the 1980s and its uses are slowly expanding into all kinds of territory. One interesting facet of the video conferencing arena is the penetration of litigation services. By using video, a team utilizing local, nationwide, or even worldwide deposition services can keep in touch in real time. Actually, a team could use all of their services over video. In example, a team could create a video deposition and post it in the VIP21 Online Repository for viewing by colleagues or court reporters. Court reporters can actually review a court reporting if they need to go back and look at various different subjects are rerecord what that particular person said. These things can come in handy for a team performing litigation services to a client that requires a good variety of different legal matters for them. They may need large case management skills to deal with a wide variation of things dealing with their depositions. Having access to the VIP21 Online Repository, the ability to create video deposition and being able to handle local, nationwide, and worldwide deposition services can only increase the usability of the team.

Court Reporting School Success Factors

In order to be successful in court reporting you need to have an array of personality traits and traits you can use in the workplace. First and foremost, it helps if you have any background experience in Court Reporting. It's not absolutely necessary, but it does help. You also need to be familiar with the Repositories online because this is going to be a major part in any work you do in litigation or in a law firm. You also need to be detail oriented, a person that doesn't stress out easily and you need to have good grammar skills!

Court Reporting School Majors

If you like the idea of being in a real courtroom, right in the middle of all the drama and suspense, then being a Court Reporter might be the best option for you! In a Court Reporting major you will learn how to use your skills in order to be the Official Record Keeper in a court of law. You will also learn how to use computer software programs for transcription and how to type in short hand. Profession, accuracy and speed is a MAJOR skill set in this industry!

Court Reporting School Curriculum

Most all court reporters will take the same classes. This includes law, business, medical terminology and languages as well as English. Some common courses include steno graph, Machine Shorthand III Class Overview, Transcription for Court Reporters Class Overview, Court Procedures Course as well.

Court Reporting School Degrees

In order to work in this profession, you must obtain a 2-4 year associate or bachelor degree.

Court Reporting Jobs

Listed as one of Forbes' -Surprising Six-Figure Careers- last year, court reporting can be a great career move. As a Court Reported, your salary will be based on your degree, job duties and how much prior experience you have in this field. Median salaries are usually set at a mere $5,000. However, ten percent of people in this field have earned well over $75,000! Among experience, degree and job duties, location is also a big factor as well.