Court Reporting Program

If you've ever watched a courtroom movie or seen any courtroom show, you know there's just something fascinating about the courtroom. While the real courtroom might not be quite as dramatic, there is still someone there to catch every word spoken: the court reporter. Court reporting is one of the most crucial parts of the courtroom system—they create and maintain the legal record of what goes on in the courtroom. A court reporter doesn't just do court reporting; they may also be given other tasks such as helping the judge by searching for information in official records or a variety of other tasks.

Court Reporting Program Curriculum

A court reporting curriculum typically includes a large variety of tasking, ranging from transcribing events, maintaining a computer directory to translate your keystrokes, editing computer translations for grammar and other issues, making sure that all of the names and places are spelled right, provide copies of the transcripts to the appropriate parties, and have a storage system set up for their work for easy retrieval.

Court Reporting Program Degrees

While many of us are perfectly capable of typing what we see and hear, court reporting requires a lot more than basic observation. In order to get into court reporting, further education is definitely a requirement due to the types of different tasks a court reporter must perform. A person has to have a basic high school diploma before they can get their associate's degree in court reporting. A person who is going for their associate's degree can expect to cover a variety of subjects like machine shorthand, transcription, foundations of law, and language and writing. If a person wanted to get more than an associate's degree, they would be hard pressed to find a bachelor's degree in this field. While bachelor's degrees do exist, they often cover nearly the same materials as an associate's degree. A bachelor's degree would focus on the computer skills needed in today's active courtroom. A court reporter can also go for additional certificates in fields and skills related directly to their job. By getting more certificates and training, they can increase their pay exponentially.

Court Reporting Jobs

While television shows only seem to show one secretary-like person occasionally tapping an old machine, the courtroom setting has more than one position for someone with a court reporting degree. A person with a court reporting degree can get a variety of jobs, such as: judicial reporting, broadcast captioning, court reporting, medical transcribing, or even communication access real-time translation reporting.