Culinary Arts School

Are you thinking about becoming a chef? Would you like to manage a restaurant or hotel? Do you want to start your own catering company? If so, a culinary arts school may be the best place to start your career. Culinary arts school teaches you all the aspects of culinary arts, from baking delicious pastries and specialty meals, to managing a restaurant, to running a catering company. Consider getting the training you need at a culinary arts school and start your career in the culinary arts.

Culinary Arts School Success Factors

Success culinary arts professionals are typically very creative people. They display strong communication skills and work well with a team. They can manage many tasks at once and are calm under pressure. Culinary arts professionals are detail-oriented and are meticulous with personal hygiene and presentation.

Culinary Arts School Specializations

When choosing a culinary school or program, it's helpful to have a general idea of the area or specialty you're most interested in. This will help you narrow down the type of education you need. Culinary arts school students typically specialize in some area of culinary arts, such as restaurant and hospitality manager or baking and pastry chef.

Culinary Arts School Curriculum

The culinary arts school curriculum depends on the degree being pursued. In an associate's degree program, you typically study the basics, such as knife skills, nutrition, kitchen procedures, and presentation. Some programs may also offer more advance or specialized courses such as baking and pastry, international cuisine or dining room operations. In a bachelor's degree program, you typically receive management-level training and are prepared for leadership positions within the hospitality and fine foods industry. In diploma and certificate programs, you typically learn professional cooking, baking and pastry arts, culinary arts and restaurant management.

Culinary Arts School Degrees

There are three basic types of culinary arts school degrees you can pursue: associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, and diploma or certificate programs. Diploma and certificate programs typically take 8 to 10 weeks to complete and are good if you want to get a very basic education for entry-level work, or if you already have a higher-level degree but want to get specialized training.

Culinary Arts Jobs

With a culinary arts certificate or degree, you are eligible to work in many phases of the restaurant and hospitality industry. Culinary arts are one of the fastest growing industries, so trained and knowledgeable managers are in demand. Culinary arts jobs include restaurant and hospitality management, which involves all the aspects of managing a restaurant, hotel, or other hospitality company. Baking and pastry chefs prepare foods for restaurants, hotels, and catering companies, among others. Professional caterers focus on all aspects of the catering business, from food preparation to setting up a catering business.