Delaware Colleges and Universities

Most of us know that Hawaii was the last state to join the union, but do you know which was the first state? That distinct honor belongs to Delaware. Even though the state might be short on acreage, it's not short on esteemed colleges and universities. If you care about college rankings then you should know that both the Delaware College and the University of Delaware have consistently placed at the top of US News & World Report's list of top schools. Capital city Dover is proud to how Delaware State and Wesley College. Over at the biggest city in the little state, Wilmington, you'll find the campuses of Goldey-Beacom College and the Delaware College of Art and Design. Add to that list the many community colleges and technical schools and you'll see why earning a degree in Delaware is a smart choice.

Delaware Degree Options

Some students prefer the hustle and bustle of a sprawling state university while others gravitate towards the laid back atmosphere to be had at a private college. You can find both of those options when you decide to earn a degree at a college in Delaware. Beyond those concepts for higher learning, you can also opt for fast tracking your degree with a 2 year certificate program like the ones found at the Surgical Technologist or Medical Clinical Assistant training programs. Delaware colleges also are proud to offer such diverse degree programs as those in marine biology, oceanography and environmental studies. You can thank the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean for those choices.

As with any reputable institute of higher learner, the option of online education is on the table. Most of the Delaware schools offer some type of distance learning. This could be the distance from Delaware to Maryland or Delaware to New Delhi.

Delaware Career Path

Believe it not, Delaware does not have a commercial service airport. However, that doesn't mean it's not a great place to learn how to be a pilot. In fact, Dover Air Force Base is one of the largest bases in the armed services. At Wilmington University and Delaware State you can learn everything you need to know about aviation. This isn't limited to flying but also open to aircraft maintenance. Delaware is also home to many credit card companies. Because of that earning a degree in Delaware for business administration or management will end up opening many doors for your career path. And just where do you think all those business types go after a hard day of crunching numbers? To a soothing massage. In Wilmington you can attend the National Massage Therapy Institute or the Deep Muscle Therapy School.