Doctorate Degree in Business

Business students know that the degrees related to business vary but mostly depend on what level of responsibility or career that you plant to enter after college. The right doctorate degree also depends on your bachelor's degree. You can earn a doctorate degree in accounting, finance, business administration, marketing, and management. Many of these degrees will lead you into an executive position. The doctor of business administration is the equivalent of a PhD and is a research doctorate. Students take coursework that goes beyond the field of master's degree and also requires a long dissertation with a journal publication that contains the newest ideas for business practices.

Specializations in Business

The right specialization entirely depends on your interest. If you are more interested in accounting and finance, then you will largely focus on researching client management, budgeting, finance theories, applied concepts in money strategies and business ethics. Other students simply want to focus on business administration but also want to take economics or law studies to enhance their business portfolios and qualifications.

Other Degrees in Business

Doctoral degrees depend on what area of business interests you. Whether you want to major in an industry or focus on business administration, you'll need to understand more about the specific employer that you want to work for. If you plan on going into agriculture, then you'll have to understand more about the meatpacking and farming industry business, which means taking specific courses at an advanced level that teach the fundamentals and cutting edge ideas.

Business Jobs

Doctoral degrees lead to high level careers in business. Usually, students enter the executive and corporate field upon graduation, usually after interning or networking closely while still in college. Business administration is one area that often sees students going straight into high level sales and management of corporate portfolios right out of college. These positions require a professional supervisory role and advanced understanding of business topics.