Doctorate Degree in Communication

Communications are the means by which businesses market their products, governments communicate to citizens, and citizens band together for a common cause. Yet communication is a highly complicated and controversial discipline, so the most educated communication professionals lead corporations and teach at the highest levels of university education. If you'd like to break new ground in the field of communication, a doctorate degree in communication provides the most advanced education to launch your career. A doctorate degree in communication is a two to three-year terminal degree that qualifies you for an advanced position in communication or can be used as a steppingstone to a collegiate teaching position.

Doctorate Degree in Communication Majors

When earning a doctorate degree in communication, you typically major in a particular area as well as choose one or more areas of concentration, including social science programs, journalism, international affairs, foreign languages, and business. Typical areas of concentration include organizational communication, interpersonal communication, advanced communication, public communication or mass media.

Doctorate Degree in Communication Curriculum

The courses you take while earning a doctorate degree in communication are designed to broaden your understanding of language, sciences and culture and to help you master communication in various forms and media, so expect a curriculum heavy in humanities, natural sciences, rhetorical theory, interpersonal communication, social sciences, communication theory, foreign languages, effective public speaking, English composition, quantitative reasoning, literature, historical perspectives, advanced communication, fine arts, social & ethical issues, and diversity & culture. In addition to advanced coursework in the field of communication, you may be required to complete a doctoral dissertation and/or a comprehensive examination, also known as comps. A doctoral dissertation in communication is an extensive research paper on a significant topic in the field of communication, while comps involve extensive testing of all the subjects pertinent to the field of communication.

Doctorate Degree in Communication Jobs

A doctorate degree in communication is the most advanced educational credential in the field and will qualify you for most careers in the field of communication. Communication graduates typically find jobs as human resource specialists, admissions counselors, journalists, marketing managers, advertising account executives, communication educators, electronic media on-air talent, producers and directors, event planners, and sales representatives, among many others.