Doctorate Degree in Liberal Arts

Liberal arts is one of the most general studies but that doesn't mean you can't find a job. In fact, jobs for liberal arts majors are expected to grow exponentially in the next 10 years. For one, liberal arts majors do not have a specific job, and although many expect liberal arts majors to enter the writing field, which is becoming less and less appealing in today's economy, there are so many jobs related to this field, such as economics, political science and government, sociology, English language, law and psychology. Even if you have earned a general degree, you can transition into a doctoral program in one of these topics and earn a long-term career. For many students, it's only about finding your niche in liberal arts and translating that into an executive career.

Specializations in Liberal Arts

The specialization is what defines a liberal arts major at the doctoral level. Economics majors are expected to earn over $60,000 to start, but that isn't the only specialization you can choose. Many students choose to go into history and foreign language, using their talents to teach or become translators overseas. While many believe that a liberal arts degree isn't worth the time, it is valuable for so many occupations that you can prepare for any one that interests you.

Other Degrees in Liberal Arts

While less appealing due to the decreased availability, many liberal arts majors choose journalism or creative writing. The key to success in these fields is dedication and persistence. Journalism has transcended, and now that news is readily available from any source, you can choose to use your doctoral degree to create a fascinating site or publish your writings straight to an online format.

Liberal Arts Jobs

Most common occupations for liberal arts majors include entry level management trainees, sales associates, graphic arts and design, teaching, social work and economics professions. Your skills will greatly determine the right job for your education. If you have more interest in business, then you will more than likely also pursue a certification or MBA in business once finished with your doctoral degree to help you in your industry.