Educational Technology Degree

Educational technology is a rapidly growing career field. These graduate degrees are designed to help you learn how to utilize and develop technology to teach children, teenagers and adults with the use of today's technological advances. With high degrees requiring a laptop of every student and college students walking around with netbooks, it is obvious that educational technology is the next logical step in education.

Educational Technology Degree Success Factors

Most people who go into educational technology will already have a basic degree, teaching certificate, or teaching experience of some kind. You will also need to have a basic understanding of computer technology, and an aptitude for programming and math. With all of these factors you should be quite successful in your studies as well as your new career.

Educational Technology Degree Majors

Educational technology majors have better opportunities than any other educational student. These students will stay ahead of the rest in technology and how it applies to education. Degrees, colleges and universities will all be utilizing more and more technology as a part of their classes and course work. It is important that to stay ahead you get this hands-on training and add it to your educational repertoire.

Educational Technology Degree Curriculum

Educational technology students will learn hands-on about different technologies used in classrooms, universities, libraries and online to further the learning of students at every level. You will learn about the national protocols for education technology and you will also learn how to apply them to your own teaching methods and your degree. You will also learn how these technologies are developed and designed.

Educational Technology Degrees

The common educational technology degree is the Masters degree, typically after earning a Bachelor's degree in some specific area. You can earn a teaching certificate with or without the masters degree in educational technology, but you will go much further and have an easier time keeping up with the current educational trends if you earn this degree. If you do not have a teaching certificate you can earn one after earning this degree.

Educational Technology Jobs

An educational technology degree will qualify you to teach at any level of primary school, high school or college.