Electrician School

You may think that electrician school will simply teach you how to wire a house, but really you will learn much more than that. Electrician schools will teach you everything you need to know about electricity and how it works with circuit boards, wiring, and even machines. Regardless of what area of this field you are interested in, one of these schools is the right way to start.

Electrician School Success Factors

Being an electrician can be dangerous, so be sure that you have a tendency toward being safety cautious before starting this career path. You should also be mechanically inclined. However, the most important factor for success is to know what area of the field you want to study so that you can get the education you need. There are so many programs to choose from, you want to be sure that you get the right training.

Electrician School Majors

There are many electrician school majors to choose from. You can choose to be an electrical contractor, which simply requires training in how to wire houses and run circuit boxes. You can also major in appliance repair, circuit board repair and creation, and other fascinating areas. Anything that requires electricity can be trained in these schools.

Electrician School Curriculum

The curriculum at your school will depend on the area of expertise you choose to study. You will at least learn the basics of circuits, wiring and circuit boards. If you are working toward becoming an electrical contractor you will also learn about wiring houses and circuit boxes. Appliance repair majors will learn how to repair and maintain televisions, stoves, washers and dryers. All students will also learn important safety courses and receive hands on training.

Electrician School Degrees

There are two main degree choices for electrician schools. You will likely receive either a certificate or an Associates Degree. Most training programs will conclude with a certificate you can use to prove you have received the necessary training to perform the job you desire. However, there are also some Associates degrees available, particularly to those looking to run their own electrical contracting businesses. These degrees will include some business courses.

Electrician Jobs

There are many places you can get jobs in the electrician field once you have completed your training. You can work in appliance repair shops, appliance and computer factories, or in your own business. There are also openings with residential communities and apartment complexes for electricians to maintain the grounds.