Electrician Program

Now more than ever, our world relies on electricity. From the lights in your home to the computers in offices, electricity powers nearly everything important in our daily life. While this is all common knowledge to you, what might not be common knowledge is how there is one job position that controls this massive life supplying source: an electrician. Not only does an electrician know how to work with this powerful source, the electrician field is screaming for more help. If you have ever been interested in becoming an electrician, here is some valuable information that will help you on your way.

Electrician Program Curriculum

An electrician is trained in a variety of different tasks and skills, ranging from: constructing and/or maintaining wiring and control equipment, installing wiring systems into buildings like new homes or businesses, upgrading old electrical systems, and repairing electrical systems. They have a firm grasp on circuits, circuit breakers, transformers, outlets, components and various other objects they might encounter on the job. An electrician also has to be able to read and draw blue prints in order to plan out the often complex wiring systems they deal with daily.

Electrician Program Degrees

Unlike most careers where the training and education is by the book, training to be an electrician is primarily a hand on experience. While there is some classroom instruction, a person training to be an electrician should expect to do some on the job training along side of it. An electrician education can be done at a vocational program or a tech program. For those who want to go further into the field, an apprenticeship with an electrician is required. A person who wants to be an electrician must have their high school diploma and will need to meet any state regulations required. Continuing training is also required after becoming an electrician.

Electrician Jobs

Electricians work inside and outside; from inside a corporate building to outside at an active and often uncovered construction site. They often run into heavy objects that need to be lifted or moved out of the way and they often have to get into tight spaces to set up wire systems. An electrician can expect to run into any variety of work environments, to clean buildings to dusty half finished buildings that have yet to pass state inspection. A person who is going to be an electrician may want to make sure they are physically fit as the job is incredibly physical with bending, lifting, and fitting into a variety of tight areas.