Elementary Education Program

The education field is a vast array of positions and educational levels. However, you're lucky enough to know that you only want to teach kids who are between kinder garden and sixth grade. In order to teach students in this age group, a general education degree won't do. Instead, you will have to get a degree in elementary education. Getting a degree in elementary education will help prepare you for your days in the class room as well as what you will be doing during those days. Before you go turn in your resume for a teaching position at your local elementary program, here are a few things you should know about the elementary education field.

Elementary Education Program Curriculum

An elementary education program teacher is expected to teach a wide range of subjects, between social studies, math, and science. They are expected to develop outlines and lesson plans, give daily lectures to their students, keep attendance records, assign and grade homework, and evaluate each student's progress. They will be expected to deal with students on a personal level; for example, if a student is having a hard time learning the material or is acting up in class.

Elementary Education Program Degrees

Besides getting a bachelor's degree in elementary education, you will also need to complete an approved training program as well as have supervised training practice. Depending on what state you currently reside in, you may have to get a master's degree in education after you start teaching. Once you meet the educational requirements, you must become licensed by the state. Without the state license, you are not allowed to teach.

Elementary Education Jobs

A person who gets advanced education can move into areas such as special education, teaching exceptional children, or teaching English as a second language. Someone who goes for their master's degree can also go into counseling or administration. Without going for further education, it becomes much less likely you will be qualified for another job since the elementary education degree is so specific.