Elementary Education School

Some of our greatest, most lasting experiences come during elementary school. And a big part of that experience comes from elementary school teachers. For that reason, an elementary education career can be one of the most rewarding professions you'll find. As an elementary educator, you will have the opportunity to teach children from kindergarten to the sixth grade, watching them grow and mature and enter the next phase of their lives. Elementary education school will teach you every aspect of elementary education so that you are completely prepared for the challenges of the job and are the most marketable for your profession.

Elementary Education School Success Factors

Successful elementary educators display a great deal of patience, sympathy and understanding. They are able to manage many tasks at once and keep track of all kinds of activities happening at once. They are strong but compassionate. They are solid communicators capable of speaking to both pupils and their parents. They are hard workers willing to go the extra mile. School administrators are typically passionate, organized and intelligent people who care deeply about children. Many times, school administrators are former teachers who want to make a bigger impact on children's overall educational experiences.

Elementary Education School Curriculum

An elementary education school curriculum varies depending on the area of specialization. Typical elementary education school courses include science, language arts, and math, in addition to the core curriculum of child education and child psychology courses. For prospective art teachers, a typical curriculum includes painting, drawing and design.

Elementary Education School Degrees

An elementary teacher is required to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree with a teaching certificate in elementary education. Depending on the program, some elect to get their teaching certificate along with their bachelor's degree, which requires a student teaching internship in an elementary school. School administration positions require a bachelor's degree and often a master's degree in education administration. To become an art teacher, students can obtain a bachelor's degree in elementary education with a focus in art.

Elementary Education Jobs

Teaching is the most common career path people take when they graduate with a degree in elementary education. There is always a high demand for teachers, although usually school districts with a higher poverty rate, less money and fewer resources have a higher demand for teachers. Some teachers choose to advance into a department head position or an administration position such as a principal after several years of teaching. Other positions include a traveling computer and technology teacher and an elementary school librarian.