Engineering Management School

With so much technology driving our economy, and millions of engineers designing and implementing technological innovations, companies need qualified managers who understand both the management and technical sides of engineering. For this reason, experienced engineering managers are in high demand to lead teams of specialists in product development, materials management, production processes, and workforce reliability. An engineering management school teaches you all the management and technical knowledge you'll need to pursue a career as an engineering manager. So take a moment now and find the right engineering management school for you.

Engineering Management School Success Factors

Success in engineering management school and in a career as an engineering manager means that you typically possess the ability to visualize solutions using computer modeling and design tools, the ability to apply abstract thought to problem-solving, and display a love for solving challenging problems.

Engineering Management School Specializations

An engineering management school allows you to specialize in a particular area of engineering management to match your career aspirations. A typical engineering management school provides specializations in environmental and energy management, information security management, knowledge management, management and reliability of infrastructure systems, operations research and management science, software engineering and information systems management, crisis, emergency, and risk management, economics, finance, and cost accounting, engineering and technology management.

Engineering Management School Curriculum

An engineering management school curriculum is designed to prepare you for the many challenges of a career as an engineering manager. A typical engineering management school curriculum includes courses in accounting, materials handling and plant layout, computer science, physics and chemistry, systems engineering, managerial science, and marketing.

Engineering Management School Degrees

A bachelor's degree from an engineering school and an engineering management school certificate schools can qualify you for engineering management positions. A master's degree from an engineering management school can earn you a significantly higher salary and better promotion opportunities than a bachelor's degree from an engineering school. A Ph.D. from an engineering management school can qualify you for a career in academia.

Engineering Management Jobs

Engineering management school graduates find jobs throughout many industries. Typical engineering management careers include logistics, technical consulting, manufacturing management, and chemical process consulting. Typical engineering management jobs include senior lead analyst, cost systems analyst, construction management engineer, industrial management engineer, and engineering project manager.