Engineering & Science School Online

Engineering & science is at the heart of many industries. Whether it's the product a company sells or the tools of the trade, engineering & science drives industry in so many ways. An engineering & science online school teaches you the method of designing machines, systems and structures and of the implementation, testing and maintenance using scientific principles. Plus, engineering & science online school will prepare you for whatever area of specialization you ultimately choose. There are many advantages to studying engineering & science online. Attending an engineering & science school offers you the convenience of taking courses at your own pace and in your spare time. Also, earning an engineering & science school degree online allows you to continue working while attending school. Plus, attending an engineering & science school online allows you to attend a school that is not geographically convenient to you.

Engineering & Science Online School Success Factors

Successful engineers who graduate from engineering & science online schools typically possess strong mathematical and analytical skills, are adept at problem solving, are calm under pressure, are patient, cautious, meticulous and detail-oriented.

Engineering & Science Online School Majors

Although you'll be pursuing an online degree in engineering & science, engineering & science online school prepares you to major in a particular area of engineering. Typical online engineering & science majors include aeronautical engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer & software engineering, construction management, electrical engineering, engineering management, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, and systems engineering.

Engineering & Science Online School Curriculum

A typical engineering & science online school curriculum teaches six main areas, all of which can be studied online. These include chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, materials science engineering and mechanical engineering. Typical engineering & science online school courses include techniques, operations research, systems, and principles of applied mathematics.

Engineering & Science Online School Degrees

Students can earn online associate degrees, online bachelor's degrees and online graduate degrees in engineering & science. Many people choose an online engineering & science online school in studying for a master's degree in engineering & science online. Online bachelor's degrees in engineering & science are usually required for entry-level engineering jobs. Eligibility for professional certification may require an online master's degree in engineering. Engineering & science online degrees can offer the background for going on to earn an advanced degree online.

Engineering & Science Jobs

There are a number of potential career paths you can choose after earning your online degree in engineering & science, including engineering new products, working with robotics, building bridges and other structures, nanotechnology, agricultural planning and developing solutions to environmental problems. Engineering & science online school degrees provide you the ability to supervise production in factories and other workplaces. With most engineering jobs, however, you'll need to specialize in a particular area of engineering and earn an advanced online degree and certification.