English as a Second Language Degree

English as a Second Language or TESOL teachers are becoming more common in the United States. These teachers work with adults and children who have moved to the United States and need to learn English before they can function in normal classroom or life situations. TESOL teachers help students learn to speak, read, listen, and write the English language, mostly for real life situations.

English as a Second Language Degree Success Factors

To become successful in a career in English as a Second Language, you need to have patience and strong communication skills. Being multilingual is most helpful for TESOL teachers in order to present the information students need to learn. Teachers must also be flexible and be able to modify their curriculum for their students' educational level.

English as a Second Language Degree Majors

Most TESOL teachers do not begin in this specialty, but work towards it with majors in English and writing, education, teaching, and psychology courses. Social studies is another field in which students of English as a Second Language degrees may study.

English as a Second Language Degree Curriculum

Those who work with students learning English as their second language require a teaching certification. They must complete at least a four-year program where there's an emphasis on English, writing, and other humanities. History, math, science, foreign languages, psychology, sociology, child development, and other courses can be taken as part of the degree curriculum.

English as a Second Language Degrees

Since English as a Second Language can involve a variety of courses, there are numerous degree programs to be a part of. A 4-year bachelors program for English studies is one possibility. Majoring in foreign language, psychology, sociology, history, science, and math are also possibilities. At the end of a 4-year Bachelor's degree program, a one to two year Masters in Teaching is required.

English as a Second Language Jobs

TESOL teachers are in high demand given the current situation in the United States. More families are moving to the USA from various countries including Mexico. Young children up to adults need to learn English to advance in school and hold jobs. Thus, the job outlook for TESOL is quite high, especially in California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona.