English and Writing School

English and writing school opens up many doors to your future. These schools offer degrees in journalism, creative writing, and english education. English majors can go on to become teachers or university professors, while writing majors often go on to become editors, journalists, and published authors. Wherever your creativity is likely to take you, English and writing school can take you there.

English and Writing School Success Factors

In order to become successful in English and writing school you should have a good grasp of the English language. This includes a good command of grammar and spelling. These basics will not be taught at the college level. Additionally, you should have some creativity and enjoy writing, reading and editing.

English and Writing School Majors

There are several majors available to English and writing school students. You can major in print journalism, creative writing, or English in general. You may also major in early literature, twentieth century literature, or old english literature. Whatever your creative passions, there is a major area of study for you within these schools.

English and Writing School Curriculum

In English and writing school you will learn how to write in MLA, APA and Associated Press formats. If you are majoring in journalism you will also learn how to write for the mainstream media. Literature students will learn how to analyze various peices of literature, and become familiar with famous authors of various time periods. General English students may learn any combination of these factors.

English and Writing School Degrees

There are several degree options for English and writing school students. The most common degree is the Bachelors degree, although a two year Associates degree is also available. Masters degrees are also desirable if you wish to take your English degree and earn a teaching certificate or teaching job in high school or college level schools and universities. However, for most careers a Bachelors degree is sufficient.

English and Writing Jobs

There are many jobs available for English and writing degree holders. One of the most common jobs is as a teacher of English at the high school or university level. However, you can also earn jobs as a professional author, print journalist, editor, or proofreader. You may also be able to find jobs in the advertising or marketing sector, using your creative writing skills to sway the masses. Speech writers are also from this school. The jobs available to you greatly depend on your level of education and your geographic area.