English & Writing Degree

While not everyone who gets a degree in English & Writing can become a New York Times best-selling author, there are plenty of other options available to you. In fact, if you like writing and want to make a career of it, there are numerous professions you can enter when you earn an English & Writing degree.

English & Writing Degree Success Factors

One of the biggest personality traits you need to have when getting involved in English & Writing is the ability to think creatively. You will pretty much be thinking on your feet when it comes to any kind of English & Writing, so you will also need superb research skills. Upon completion of your degree in English & Writing you might find that a lot of jobs not only involve creativity and research, but also a little thing we like to call "ability". Unfortunately, not everyone can be a writer, and be good at his or her job. However, your degree will put you through the basics of writing such as how to check for grammar, spelling, different dictation techniques, proofreading and editing your own work, etc.

English & Writing Degree Majors

It depends on the degree you go with, but most English & Writing majors will include courses in English literature, women's studies, film studies, business, and technical writing.

English & Writing Degree Curriculum

Some of your most basic prerequisites for your curriculum will include classes such as English Composition, Women's Studies, Film, Theatre, Education, Service Learning and Freshman Seminar. Majors have to choose one of three "tracks" to take, they are, Fiction, Poetry and Non-Fiction. Each of the three tracks will have their own classes and courses. Fiction includes Intro to Fiction Writing, Intermediate Fiction, Advanced, Readings in Contemporary Fiction, Senior Seminar in Fiction and 2 electives of your choice. Poetry tracks include Introduction to Poetry, Poetry Workshop, Readings In Contemporary Poetry, Advanced Poetry, Senior Seminar in Poetry and 2 electives of your choice. There are also recommended electives as well as additional electives that you can choose from for your major in English & Writing.

English & Writing Degrees

One of the most important things when getting your degree in English & Writing is to get real life career training. Simply check the newspaper and the Internet for positions and jobs available to you. A Bachelors degree is what you will be working towards for your degree in English & Writing. This degree will cover an array of English & Writing skills which include composition, editing, writing for the Internet, story development, creative writing classes and English Literature just to name a few.

English & Writing Jobs

Once you get your degree in English & Writing, you can work in Journalism, PR, Internet Marketing, Content Creation, Advertising on or offline, and much more. Some of the most popular titles include: Office Administrator / Assistant, Freelance Journalist, Script Writer, Operations Business Writing Specialist, Technical Writing Assistant, and many others.