English and Writing Program

There are myriad possibilities that can open up to students interested in English and writing careers. All life requires a good understanding of language and written communications. In almost any field having English and writing are going to help a student advance. There are, however, some special positions that can be found for English majors such as teaching, reporting, creative writing, freelance writing, and technical writing.

English and Writing Program Success Factors

The skill set for English and writing requires that you have patience, organization, and thoroughness for detail. Editing is a very large part of writing, and to avoid any large grammatical mistakes a handle on English as a language is definitely required, which is one reason both topics can go together. A passion for reading literature and other written media is quite helpful, as is a desire to constantly learn.

English and Writing Program Majors

Under English and writing there are several career choices you can make such as being an editor of a magazine, newspaper, or online publication. Technical writing, where you create how- to manuals and books, is another option. Copywriting for advertisement companies, writing music lyrics, jingles, greeting cards, and much more can use the skills you learn with writing and English.

English and Writing Program Curriculum

English and writing are humanities courses, therefore a lot of your education will be spent with basic English courses, English literature, world literature, and elective courses offered by the program you choose to attend. You may also be able to choose creative writing, journalism, technical writing, and other specific types of writing courses. As part of your education history, basic math, and language courses are essential.

English and Writing Program Degrees

An associate of arts degree is based on a two year college level course for English and writing. This degree will start you on the path to a bachelor's of arts, science, or literature. A bachelor's degree is needed to pursue a teaching career, journalism position, and most other writing positions. A Master's or PhD is also available with emphasis on writing and English for college level instructional positions and more.

English and Writing Jobs

Writing careers have exploded in the last four years, with the advancement of the internet. More and more companies and individuals trying to create an online presence are seeking copywriters. Newspaper journalism has seen a slight decrease as more newspapers turn to online resources over printed publications.