English & Writing School

The written word is everywhere. From the books we read, to stories we click on the internet, to the advertising copy we read, hear and see in media everywhere, the written word drives our economy. As a result, writers and professionals with a command of the English language are always in high demand. English & writing schools teach you the essentials of the English language and how to use the written word to succeed in many contexts, from creative writing, to advertising copywriting, to business communications. With a degree from an English & writing school, you will command the written word, and as a result, economic opportunities will open up to you in places you never imagined.

English & Writing School Skills

English & writing school teaches you a number of skills necessary to become a successful writer. English & writing school skills include command of the English language, understanding of professional writing media, use of appropriate style and tone, ability to write for technical fields, ability to write explanatory articles that make complex concepts understandable to the common person.

English & Writing School Specializations

English & writing schools typically offer many areas of specialization, including multimedia, magazine, newspaper, proposal and grant writing. Specializing in one of these areas will help you become more marketable for your particular chosen profession.

English & Writing School Curriculum

English & writing schools design a curriculum that will best prepare you for life as a professional. Typical English & writing school courses include grammar, style, rhetoric, internet writing, composition, technical writing, writer's editing, professional business writing, communication of logic and argumentation.

English & Writing School Degrees

Many people obtain an English degree with an emphasis on writing. Many others earn a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing. Certificates in professional writing are available at the graduate level, which can help aspiring writers hone their craft or help scientists, lawyers, marketers and numerous others to create effective, polished written documents.

English & Writing Jobs

There are multitudes of jobs available to professional writers in many areas, including technical, grants and proposal, speech, specifications, medical, legal, corporate, research, marketing, reporter, financial, sports and business. Typical writing jobs include grant and proposal writers, speech writers, technical writers, medical writers, and web writers.