Executive MBA (EMBA) Program

In today's business world, superior leadership skills are just as important to anyone seeking an executive position as any industry-specific skills. The need for expert managers and executives has never been higher due to increasing technological complexity and globalization. As a result, executive MBA programs have cropped up everywhere to teach managers the skills they need to lead a business to success, including critical thinking, organizational development, and change management. So if you're a manager looking for executive credentials, or if you're an executive looking to strengthen your leadership abilities, now is a good time to find the right executive MBA program for you.

Executive MBA (EMBA) Program Success Factors

Successful executive MBA graduates typically display superior communication skills, are excellent working with a variety of personality types, are able to inspire people to perform at their highest level, can craft a clear vision for accomplishment, have the patience and persistence to see projects through to completion, and are always eager to learn new information and be adaptable to changing circumstances.

Executive MBA (EMBA) Program Specializations

An executive MBA program allows you to specialize in a particular area of business to match your career aspirations. Typical executive MBA specializations include entrepreneurship, finance, information systems, international business, marketing, operations management, and real estate.

Executive MBA (EMBA) Program Curriculum

An executive MBA program curriculum is designed to provide you the highest level of business coursework to prepare you for executive-level responsibilities. Typical executive MBA courses include corporate strategy, team leadership, valuation and risk return, and operations management.

Executive MBA (EMBA) Program Degrees

The executive MBA is one of the most prestigious degrees in the business world and is often necessary for the highest level executive positions in corporations. Executive MBA degrees qualify mid-level managers to handle executive responsibility, and qualify executive-level managers as premiere leaders.

Executive MBA (EMBA) Jobs

Graduates of executive MBA programs advance to positions ranging from project manager to chief executive officer. Executive-level employees earn the highest salaries in the corporate world, which is why the executive MBA is such a coveted degree.