Fashion School

Fashion school is the place to be if you have a sense of style and flair that you want to show off to the world. Fashion school will teach you how to create your own designs, get those designs into the mainstream, and become an established designer. You may also choose to learn how to become a stylist, a fashion model or a makeup artist to the stars at these schools.

Fashion School Success Factors

You should have a sense of fashion before you enter these schools. Generally you will have to show some level of talent before getting into fashion school. This might be talent in design, style, or modeling. Whatever your preference or passion, you will have to have some natural or developed talent before entering the school. You should also be very well organized and work well under pressure.

Fashion School Majors

There are several majors offered by fashion schools. The most common major is fashion design. However, fashion models, stylists and make up artists also get their beginnings in these schools. Your major should reflect your passions and your talents, and should be decided well in advance of appying at the school.

Fashion School Curriculum

The curriculum you will encounter in fashion school will vary greatly depending on your major. If you are going to be going to school for design you will learn how to design and create your fashion ideas, work with buyers, and even run your own boutique. Models will learn everything they need to know about poses, working with photographers and fashion designers, and looking their best for the job. Stylists and makeup artists will learn the tricks of their trade under skilled hands on training.

Fashion School Degrees

There are several degrees and certificates offered by fashion schools. Stylists and make up artists may graduate with a certificate within one year or so. Models may also graduate with a certificate within six months to one year. However, fashion designers generally stay on for an Associates or Bachelors degree, learning everything they need to know to design the latest fashions and get them into the stores.

Fashion Jobs

There are many jobs in fashion, and there always will be. As long as women are obsessed with the latest hair style, make up, or clothing, you can be sure to find employment in this industry. Whether you are going to become a fashion designer, fun your own boutique, become a stylist or make up artist, or model all of the work of the above, you will be sure to find plenty of employment opportunities.