Fashion Program

Have you ever gone to the hottest clothing store in your area and thought you could have done it better? Have you ever watched a reality show based on clothing design and known that you would have won it without trying? If these thoughts have ever occurred to you or you have ever felt an intense passion about clothing, a degree in the fashion industry is your first step to seeing your name on all of the runway labels. Before you rush to your nearest program or university, here are some facts about degrees in fashion you should know.

Fashion Program Curriculum

Even though you have probably been saturated with images of people with fashion degrees as clueless silly people who can dress amazing but not string a sentence together, this is the complete opposite of what you should expect. A person with a degree in fashion works just as hard as a person with a degree in business but they cover a different set of courses. A person who decides to get a fashion degree can expect to study things like computer-aided design, fashion history, textiles, sewing, tailoring and pattern making. They may also take courses in human anatomy, promotion and distribution, and consumer trends. A person with a degree in fashion is not expected to put random clothing on a person and create a new style: they are expected to have a knowledgeable grasp on past and current fashion and be able to create something new based on their knowledge and predictions.

Fashion Program Degrees

Getting a degree in fashion can take as little or as long as you like, depending on how specialized or open you want to be. A person who gets a degree in fashion can get an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree, or even a master's degree. Someone who gets an associate's degree can get into the fashion field right away and after several years in the industry may be able to attain higher positions in the industry. Someone who stays in program for their bachelor's degree and / or their master's degree will not need as much industry experience to attain higher positions and can expect to earn significantly more money when they first enter the career than someone who does not have a higher education.

Fashion Jobs

The fashion world is open to someone with a degree in fashion. While television mostly feeds us job titles like fashion clothing designer and runway clothing designer, there are many other jobs in the fashion industry that are available. These jobs range from people who create jewelry, children's clothes, shoe designers, costuming for media shows, set designers, material designers and accessory designers. No matter where you go or what you do, there will always been a need for someone who understands fashion to help choose the appropriate attire or setting for the work at hand. People who get a degree in the fashion industry can expect to start with smaller jobs and work their way up as they gain good word of mouth. The fashion industry has a tight knit community and everyone who is in the industry is educated on what is fashionable and what is not.