Fashion School

Do you have a great sense of style? Have you always been interested in fashion? A fashion degree from a fashion school may be just what you need to jumpstart a career in fashion. Fashions school teaches you more than just design; with a fashion school degree, you will learn the business of fashion and how to be successful launching your own fashion lines or running your own fashion business.

Fashion School Success Factors

Successful professionals in the world of fashion are typically very creative, have advanced artistic skills, and work well with their hands. They are comfortable and reliable working alone but are good communicators and work well with a team. They are patient and meticulous and are willing to work long hours. They also work well under pressure.

Fashion School Specializations

Fashion schools typically offer specialized courses of study in areas such as art and design technology, visual merchandising, retail management, and others. In addition to specialization, fashion schools provide a broad education covering the creative and technical sides of the fashion industry to prepare you for the changes and fast pace of the fashion industry.

Fashion School Curriculum

Fashion schools offer a curriculum designed to educate you on all the facets of the fashion industry, such as consumer trends, consumer market segments, business fundamentals, marketing and merchandising techniques, teamwork and collaboration, as well as social, environmental, and economic influences on the global fashion industry. Typical fashion school courses include fashion and textile vocabulary and terminology, consumer trends and behavior, hand drawing, computer-aided design (CAD), pattern drafting and manufacturing, fashion show production and promotion, sewing and tailoring, human anatomy, fashion and art history and trends, and balancing of colors, proportions, textiles, and moods.

Fashion School Degrees

You will find numerous fashion degree programs available depending upon your level of education and professional aspirations. Degrees are available in fashion design, fashion merchandising, and the business side of fashion. An associate's or bachelor's degree in Fashion Design is a great stepping stone to a number of careers in fashion. Degrees in Fashion Marketing and Fashion Merchandising focus mainly on the business side of the fashion industry. Typical fashion school degrees include Associate's Degree in Fashion Design, Certificate in Fashion Design & Merchandising, Associate's in Fashion Merchandising, Associate's in Fashion Marketing, Bachelor's in Fashion Design, Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Marketing, and Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising.

Fashion Jobs

Fashion school graduates usually qualify for positions as visual merchandisers, display artists, retail store managers, fashion buyers, stylists, showroom sales reps, or fashion editors, among many others. The professional opportunities for fashion school graduates continue to grow as the global marketplace for fashion expands.