Film and Video Production School

Film and video production school teaches you a lot more than just how to point a camera and shoot. You will learn how to run different equipment, get different types of shots, edit your films, and put everything together to make the perfect film and capture the essense of what you are going for. This is as important as creativity in the film industry, and is vitally important if you want to become a successful director, producer or filmographer.

Film and Video Production School Success Factors

In order to become successful in film and video production school you need to have some level of talent going in. In fact, many school require that you submit a short video in advance of being admitted into their school, just to see where you stand in talent and ability. You should also, of course, have a high level of creativity and passion for the film industry.

Film and Video Production School Majors

There are many film and video production majors available to choose from. It's not all about directing or shooting films. You can also choose from screen writing, graphic animation, special effects, make up, or costume design. All of these elements go into creating and videographing films, and are viable majors at any film and video production school.

Film and Video Production School Curriculum

The curriculum you study in school will depend on your major. However, most film schools require all students to take some basic courses in each area of film making, including screen writing, costume design, special effects, and videographing. The additional courses you take will depend on your major course of study and the subjects that the school has to offer.

Film and Video Production School Degrees

Most film and video production schools offer both Associates and Bachelors degrees. Some schools offer Masters degrees as well, but not many. You will be more likely to earn employment with a four year degree than a two year degree. There are few programs that offer certificate courses in this field.

Film and Video Production Jobs

Keep in mind that the job outlook for film and video production is not the best. It is a highly competitive industry, with few jobs and many applicants. You will be more likely to find employment if you graduate school as a graphic designer, special effects specialist or costume designer. However, positions as directors, editors, videographers and producers can be found.